PCA Findings in case of Republic of the Philippines versus People’s Republic of China

On the Permanent Court of Arbitration (PCA) Award on Jurisdiction and Admissibility in the case of Republic of the Philippines versus the People´s Republic of China dated 29 October 2015.

The PCA has released its findings that it will now proceed in hearing the Philippines´ case against China concerning the West Philippine Sea on its merits.

We thank our friends in the media for reporting on the decision.

Arbitration is an open, friendly, durable and rules-based dispute-settlement mechanism. We believe that this will serve to clarify maritime entitlements of all littoral states in the South China Sea paving the way for the resolution to the dispute in accordance with international law, particularly UNCLOS.

We remain open to China´s participation in the further hearings.

This development affirms the rule of law and respect for UNCLOS.

In view of this welcome development, the Philippines is now readying itself for the hearings on the merits of the arbitration case that can be announced anytime soon by the Arbitral Tribunal.


Source: http://www.philembassymadrid.com/5456-2

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