Fil Mo Filipino Movement

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It is an honour to be considered a part of Filipino organization, purpose and aspirations. As it is, please allow us to give an insight as to how and why FiL Mo came into existence.
For many years, Filipino Lesbians walk the streets of UK incognito, barely living and surviving everyday life, confined to personal spaces and affairs without if little room for social interactions. Of the select few friends made, there was always an idea of putting up an organization/group of mainly Lesbians wherein the aim is to be able to raise funds through parties, etc. and use said funds to help disadvantage, unfortunate children and vulnerable old people in the Philippines. Thus FiL Mo was born.
We are a group of 8 Officers and growing number of Members, formed out of friendship and common desire to make a difference in the lives of Children back home, through projects and grassroots support. Having lived long in this country has given us quite an advantage life in terms of sexual preference, equality and quality of lesbian life. Most of us live comfortably in the knowledge that there is no little discrimination against LGBT in this country, and mostly the injustice could still come from the same community (Filipinos). Having rarely observed that, and knowing there were attempts to put up similar Organization in the past, we brave the prospect of possibly procrastination of the same good intention, enough is enough. We have the same desire to prove that we maybe Lesbians in the eyes of others, whatever the connote the branding/title, we have the hearts that call out to help and give back what blessings we have to the Children who already at the young age are misplaced and disadvantaged, in the hope that however little our contribution could be, it will make an impact and difference to the future that holds our hope and dreams for our Country in whole.
What does FiL Mo means? It was derived from many combination naming (LEGO-Lesbian gay Org; FiLGO- Filipino Lesbian Gay Org.) until we all agreed to FiL Mo- Filipino Lesbian Movement, being a sweet sound that asks some feelings (feel mo?) Aside of course from the fact that it is very easy to remember, we laboured hard to get us to where FiL Mo is now, through entertainment, exposure, sports and sponsorships.
In lieu with LADLAD/LGBT, we saw similar avenues that we can explore in terms of beliefs, principles and the call of service to needy especially young, vulnerable and disadvantaged Children in the Philippines. We also believe that LGBT’s should have equal rights as everyone else, and that we have the same mantra: service to the needy as service of oneself.
In this respect we authorize you Bemz Benedito to fulfil FiL Mo’s project ( for month of November) in the amount of P50K, to be given to the disadvantaged Children of PAYATAS ONLY both SPECIAL and REGULAR kids.
We Officers have convened and agreed, that PAYATAS will be our regular project, meaning that whenever we are able to raise funds, we will give back certain amount to LADLAD/LGBT for PAYATAS project ONLY-alongside with great hope that you guys will do us even more eager and proud to do our duties here knowing that the hard work back home is very well taken care of by reliable, honest and compassionate people that is LALAD/LGBT, headed by you Bemz Benedito.
Filipinos here do get touched by video showing the plight of Children back home, and judging by our last party, they were moved to tears that they pledged to help in kind or cash to FiL Mo cause. It will surely be a big bearing to hear or see Mr. Boy Abunda promoting the same advocacy; and the impact will be tremendous in terms of support and pledges. We HOPE by this, we can even up the ante in our charity.
Having doing this sort, we are also trying to get the attention of all the LGBT here in the UK to be united to help this charity work and to be united as one.